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4th Trimester Care

4th Trimester Care is a team of healthcare professionals proactively partnering to optimize Mom’s health and wellbeing during recovery from pregnancy and delivery.

Healthy Babies need Healthy Mammas.

We team up with the patient + OB clinical team to extend care beyond the office, identify health risks and provide care that supports recovery during the first two months postpartum. Developed by an interprofessional team of licensed healthcare professionals, 4th Trimester Care is here to help answer ACOG’s call for Optimizing Postpartum Care.

Why we need change:

Our WHY:

To improve postpartum outcomes, optimize recovery from pregnancy + delivery and support OB clinicians.

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Partnership for Proactive Health - Primary Care Model Creation

Primary Care Model Creation

The Primary Care model is currently in development. We have an interprofessional team working to bring the same proactive team-based care elite athletes receive to everyone through their primary care office. If you are interested in learning more or paying it forward to help bring this to life, please contact us.

Why we need Change:

Our WHY:

To improve patient health while putting the joy back in the partnership for care.

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Partnership for Proactive Health - Program Ideas

Have an idea?

If you have an idea or are interested in supporting our program development, please contact us. All of our programs started with asking WHY and from there we built a team to bring them to reality.

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