Heathcare as a Team Sport

One Team. One Goal. Optimizing Health.

Partnership for Proactive Health is here to bring Healthcare as a Team Sport to everyone!

What is Healthcare as a Team Sport?

The gold standard for healthcare in athletics, meeting team members where they are, building trusting relationships and combining empowering education with inspiration + motivation to optimize health.

Join the movement to optimize health + save lives.

Working towards our goal of bringing Healthcare as a Team Sport to everyone, starts with individual programs to address significant health issues in our communities. We’re starting with Population Health through Partnering 4 Health and Maternal Health through 4th Trimester Care.

Partnering 4 Health

Introducing Healthcare as a Team Sport in the community where people live, work, learn, play and pray.

4th Trimester Care

Bringing families a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to optimizing maternal health after baby arrives.

Additional Programs Leading to a Primary Care Model

The long game is bringing Healthcare as a Team Sport to everyone through Primary Care. Our next step is expanding Healthcare as a Team Sport to programs for chronic diseases (ex. hypertension) and post-interventions (ex. post cancer treatment).

Combining these programs under one umbrella in the Primary Care office will bring Healthcare as a Team Sport to everyone.

Our Vision is to Optimize Health and Wellbeing.


Patients and healthcare professionals are always learning, listening and working towards understanding why.


We collect data to demonstrate our programs benefit patients and healthcare professionals, showing why.

Pay It Forward

Lending a helping hand to support each other, truly defining why.

Our Story

Our story began in elite athletics where we experienced the benefits of Healthcare as a Team Sport. Our journey continues as we make Healthcare as a Team Sport available to everyone!
Our Story

Pay It Forward

Partnership for Proactive Health is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation will go towards delivering our Healthcare as a Team Sport programs in the community.
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